Salary rally to end

28.05.2020, 1:34

It is usually impossible to draw too many conclusions looking at economic development by decade, while this time around, salary advance lasted for exactly ten years in Estonia. The last time average gross salary fell compared to the same period the previous...

Estonia to issue long-term bonds

27.05.2020, 11:34

The Estonian government is set to begin an international issue of debt instrument in the volume of at least €1 billion for a period of ten years. The state plans to effectively double Estonia’s loan burden this year.

Is tech giants’ coronavirus app technology safe?

26.05.2020, 11:30

Head of information security systems at Cybernetica, privacy and security adviser to the Estonian coronavirus app development team Dan Bogdanov says in an interview why coronavirus apps being developed in Europe and Estonia are not a threat to privacy.

Riigikogu speaker: time of business model built on slave labor over

25.05.2020, 11:17

President of the Riigikogu Henn Põlluaas (EKRE) voiced his displeasure over Estonian strawberry farmers looking to hire cheaper foreign labor instead of employing Estonians on Friday.

Center bouncing back in polls courtesy of crisis

25.05.2020, 11:14

The recent poll by Kantar Emor suggests a number of Reform Party voters have migrated to other political forces as the opposition leader’s rating has come down from 30 percent in April to 24 percent in May. The Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) and the...

Puusaag: KredEx conditions like highway robbery

22.05.2020, 2:55

Owner of construction chemistry manufacturer Krimelte Jaan Puusaag talks about crisis recovery, why he considers KredEx’s €1.5 billion aid package highway robbery and why he wouldn’t recommend personal surety to anyone.

Ratas trying to avoid taking responsibility

21.05.2020, 4:06

Chairman of the Center Party, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas answered Postimees’ questions concerning the dismantling of the Political Parties Financing Surveillance Committee (ERJK) after giving the Riigikogu an overview of Estonia’s security policy goals and...

Hololei regards timing of Estonian flights ban peculiar

20.05.2020, 1:33

It is a bit peculiar that Estonia decided to ban flights during a time other countries are opening up again, European Commission Director General for Mobility and Transport Henrik Hololei finds.

Kaido Padar: I laid myself off at the most difficult time

19.05.2020, 6:50

CEO of Eesti Talleks Kaido Padar, who also chairs the state company supervisory boards’ appointments committee, talks about why he decided to quit his job during a difficult time and why he believes diesel cars will triumph instead of electric ones in the...

Economy ministry bans flights to seven high coronavirus risk countries in Europe

18.05.2020, 2:41

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas signed an order on Sunday that forbids direct flights between Estonia and Belarus, Belgium,  Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom starting from Monday due to the high risk of...

Let us pat ourselves on the back – we did it

18.05.2020, 12:37

The government did a good job managing the most serious crisis Estonia has seen since the country regained its independence, while returning to normal is turning out to be a rough ride, experts say.

Bears caused police operation in Tallinn suburb

15.05.2020, 2:37

The bears spotted in the Haabersti city district of Tallinn evaded capture on Thursday and also remained elusive during a search early on Friday morning.

E-state preparing to conquer the world

15.05.2020, 2:15

If everything goes to plan, the World Health Organization will adopt the Estonian X-Road system that serves as the foundation of our digital state. The instrument could become a part of global data governance through the United Nations in the future.

State revenue forecasts shoddy

14.05.2020, 11:48

Fiscal deficit exceeded forecasts by more than €200 million in 2018 and 2019 despite repeated warnings from the Estonian Fiscal Council and rapid economic growth – annual tax revenue was growing by 9 percent on average, an overview by the National Audit...

Egert Belitšev to head border guard

13.05.2020, 12:03

The new border guard department of the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) will be headed by Egert Belitšev who is currently in charge of integrated border management at PPA. Belitšev will become PPA Direct General Elmar Vaher’s deputy in charge of the...

Two local mutations found in Estonia

12.05.2020, 3:06

All samples analyzed in a pilot study conducted by University of Tartu researchers belonged to a single group of viral strains that likely originated in Northern Italy. Scientists found both the internationally significant D-614-G mutation, as well as two...

Emergency bill looking to be passed post haste

11.05.2020, 2:53

The Riigikogu will conduct the second reading of the bill 165 SE to amend the Medical Devices Act, Emergency Act and other acts to give the Health Board broader powers to prejudice people’s fundamental rights in an emergency.

Estonian kids on top in the world in terms of financial literacy

08.05.2020, 5:24

The results of the financial literacy part of 2018 PISA tests were published yesterday. Turns out that Estonian 15-year-olds are the best in the world, ahead of Finland and Canada, when it comes to making sense of financial affairs. Estonian children did...

Health Board could get powers to prejudice people’s fundamental rights

07.05.2020, 5:12

The emergency situation in Estonia that has seen nearly two months of strict social restrictions is nearing its end. The novel coronavirus will not disappear any time soon, however, as we still do not know how to treat it. It might be necessary to quarantine...

Helsinki skyline visible from Tallinn TV Tower

06.05.2020, 1:29

The disruption of ferry traffic between Tallinn and Helsinki has made the air over the Gulf of Finland so clear that the Helsinki skyline can be photographed from atop the Tallinn TV Tower. This is what it looked like at noon.

Massive quantity of gasoline imported before crisis

06.05.2020, 1:22

This February, Estonia imported four times as much gasoline 95 as it did in January and three times as much as during an average month last year. This could, at least in part, answer the question of why Estonian fuel sellers were so reluctant to lower prices...

Stopping Rail Baltic would bring damages claims

05.05.2020, 12:16

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas (Center) said that there is no indication of Rail Baltic stopping. Rather, the project is building momentum, with the planning stage almost completed. The next stage of the project is full-scale...

Monese moving center of gravity back to Tallinn

04.05.2020, 12:36

Despite the extremely difficult global economic situation, Estonian fintech startup Monese has attracted a new investment. The new round falls in the same ballpark as the previous investment in the company of around $60 million from two years ago.

Longer treatment queues might be inevitable

30.04.2020, 1:16

Head of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund Rain Laane admits that there are plenty of unknown factors at play when it comes to the question of how quickly people will be able to see doctors again.

Prime minister critical of the Health Board

29.04.2020, 1:26

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Center) is not happy with how the Health Board has handled the coronavirus crisis and plans to do something about it first chance. Ratas appeared on the “Otse Postimehest” webcast yesterday.